#167. Sanitise

4 July 2014

Hi pals,

Long time no speak. Sorry for my radio silence over the past few weeks, but things in my life ended up getting really busy with fun hen parties to organise and work. I haven't just fallen off the face of the earth, promise. 

One of the big things I have been working on recently has been Sanitise, a show I am producing for the Edinburgh Fringe this year and then on a Scottish tour in the new year. This is a big big project, taking up a lot of time in the evenings and at weekends, which doesn't leave a lot of time for blogging. So, I thought give this is my little corner of the internet, I would share what I have been doing and introduce you to Sanitise. I am so proud of the project so far and am really excited to be working on it and producing it.

Sanitise is a devised piece meaning that it doesn't have a script, even with 4 weeks to go, Melanie and Caitlin will be making up the show over the next few weeks. It follows one women alone in her bathroom, obviously a very private place that we don't normally get to see, where she explores what it means to be clean and dirty, in the domestic sense and also with the expectations we place on ourselves in terms of sex and what the media tells us we should and shouldn't be doing. We are working with a great team of very talented people to create the women's bathroom world through music, lighting and also projecting unique illustrations by Lubin Lone onto the bathroom, bringing her fantasy world to life. 

Sanitise started life as an idea had by a pal called Melanie in her final year of uni. Since then it has had various work in progresses, most recently with director, Caitlin Skinner and is now ready to be developed into a full length piece. We have been carting a toilet called Flo around in a taxi for quite a while and at the start of the year, Melanie and Caitlin asked me to come on board as Producer and since then, things have went so quickly with being lucky enough to receive funding from Creative Scotland, register for the Fringe and planning a Scottish tour. It's no longer the three of us and Flo!

At the moment, my evenings have been spent setting up our crowdfunding campaign, writing press releases, planning a marketing and press campaign and getting those press releases out to all the journalists and reviewers who will hopefully come and see the show during the Fringe and enjoy it. We just signed off our print, so that will be going to the printers soon and have submitted our company passes for Underbelly, our set has been made and the floor of the bathroom is being painted this week. I have also had a set of Moo business cards printed so I can chat to everyone and anyone I meet about the show.

It's a lot of work but I absolutely love it and really revel in spending my time doing this. It is so exciting to be involved with a project that is working with so many talented folk and that I really believe in. We really want to make the show a success, for ourselves and for the audiences that come and see it and I can't wait to share it with the world, well Edinburgh at least. It's scary, it really is and it's a big piece of work but we can do it. 

So yeah. This is my big news and what my life has been for the past few weeks, but bear with me, I'm still here just got a Producers hat on at the moment and I love it. If you are coming to the Fringe this year, come and check out the show if you can! You can buy tickets here.

Oh and if you fancy keeping up to date with how we are getting on, we are on Twitter and Facebook and have a blog too! Finally here is our crowdfunding campaign too, if you fancied helping us out, every little helps.

Sanitise. Underbelly Cowgate. 31 July - 24 August
Edinburgh Fringe 2014


  1. I would love to come along but I don't think I can get a train home that late :(

    1. Aww thats a shame Hayley. Thanks anyway :) x


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