Tuesday, 26 August 2014

#178. Edinburgh Fringe 2014 update - week 2

A bit of a mental week in the grand scheme of things at the Fringe.This was the week of reviewers - we went from having no one coming in which got this here producer worried but then they all came in a flurry and we had The Scotsman, The Stage, Broadway Baby, Fringe Review, A Younger Theatre, Edinblogger and Fest in! Amazing!

So here is my week in a roundup.
  • 1 day off. Woohoo! Date day with Robin.
  • 3 comedy shows seen, 1 kids show, 1 musical and 1 amazing circus show watched Beyond!
  • 1 failed attempt to see any shows. I got confused with times and dates...things just didn't work out.
  • 1 good friend caught up with about all things producing and 2 pieces of amazing cake eaten with lattes at Brew Lab.
  • 1 random meeting with pals I didn't know were up in Edinburgh - drinks galore!
  • 1 sore tummy after laughing so much at a friend being dragged onstage to dance at The Horne Section.
  • 1 amazing plate of nachos eaten and great gin drunk at 56 North.
  • 1 music festival attended and seen my favourite band ever right at the barrier - Frightened Rabbit. Did I mention we were right at the barrier?!?

  • 1 AWARD WON! Hello Scotsman Fringe First! So so proud of the amazing and wonderful #TeamSanitise
  • 1 evening spent wandering around Edinburgh taking photos of Mel cleaning things around Edinburgh
  • 1 production trailer perfected.
  • 1 time doing the half price hut, sadly we only sold one ticket that way, but you live and learn and definitely worth trying it.
  • Lots of people spoke to including some lovely fellow flyerers selling their shows. Hello flyering pals!
  • 1 portrait taken when flyering. Talk about rabbit in the headlights.
  • 1 rainstorm caught in resulting in 2 casualties, my brolly and my brogues. Drowned rat springs to mind. 
  • 1 trip to primark as a result of getting caught in the afore-mentioned rainstorm and new shoes, tights and brolly purchased
  • 1 nights in bed before 1.30pm

  • A sleepover and lots of laughter with some of my best pals. Fringe banter at it's very best.
  • The excitement at giving out my first business card!
  • Had a low moment in the middle of the week where I was just fed up of being ignored when flyering, so had a bit of a sit for 20 minutes and regrouped with a cup of tea and went right back out there. 
  • Had a slice of pizza as big as my FACE! Sadly no pics of that one.
  • A roller coaster of emotions
  • We had lots of fun with beermats!

  • Drank champagne at the Pommery Champagne Bar.
  • Celebrity spot - John Bishop striding past at Bristo Square on one flyering shift.
  • Celebrity photo - Jack Gleeson (Joffrey) and Hannah Murray (Gilly) from Game of Thrones! They were so lovely!!
  • Lovecrumbs cake for dinner.
  • 1 blogger event at Godiva attended - so much fun!

My Fringe recommendations from this week (other than Sanitise of course!) : - 

David O'Doherty, Assembly, 7.30pm. A lovely and hysterical Irish man with a great beard and tiny keyboard. Learn the secret of happiness. Robin and I go and see him every year and just love him. Only thing missing this year was The Beats.

Huff at the Traverse, all day. Technically a kids show, Huff is based on The Three Little Pigs and is a walk through installation, where you go through different rooms and are allowed to explore and discover for yourself. Just lovely!

The Girl Who, Assembly, 4.50pm. A musical by some very talented young artists, performed by very talented students from the RCS! Like a choose your own ending adventure book, the outcome of the show and the choices the main character make are all down to the audience. A great concept with wonderful music and performances.

And that's that.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

#177. Edinburgh Fringe 2014 update - week 1

Hi pals. So now one of my favourite times of year in Edinburgh is upon us, Edinburgh Fringe, and things has been busy busy. You might not know that I am producing a show at the Fringe this year called Sanitise (you can read more about this here) at Underbelly and I have loved every moment. Sanitise is a physical theatre and physical comedy show, without words, set in a bathroom.

We started the show on Thursday last week, with 2 previews and then some 2 for 1 days. It took a while to get adjusted and to get used to our speedy get ins and get outs, but we are there now and everything is slick and easy. So I thought I would share a quick update on how the Fringe has been going so far.

  • 7/8 Sanitise performances watched.
  • 6 other Fringe shows watched (my top 3 are below).
  • 5 other Fringe shows booked so far.
  • 5 visits to the Underbelly press office and the Fringe press office.
  • 6 flyering shifts completed.
  • Over 1000 flyers handed out.
  • 1 5 STAR review (we've only had the one review so far, so hello 100% success rate!)
  • Many glasses of cider consumed.
  • 3 passes for various things making me feel important.
  • 1 press launch attended.
  • 2 visits to the Scoop van for burgers.
  • 2 thai meals demolished (including one at Ting Thai Caravan - NOM!)
  • Lots and lots of people spoke to.
  • 1 set of production photos organised and taken.
  • 1 toilet dismantled 7 times in 7 get outs.
  • 0 days been in bed before 1am.
  • 1 performance at The List party.
  • 1 performance at Museum Lates party.
  • 2 hours sleep on the first weekend and still managed to catch a 6.30am train down to Blackpool for a wedding.
  • 1 read through of a new play attended.
  • 2 celebrity spots including Geoffrey from Game of Thrones.
  • 26 times people that have thought it was me on our Sanitise flyer.
  • Over 30 emails sent.
  • 300 scourers labeled.
  • 1 production trailer made.

My Fringe recommendations so far :-
Chef at Underbelly, 6.10pm. A powerful one women show with an incredible performance about a Michelin star chef who went to prison and ended up running the prison kitchen. Very Orange is the New Black! 

Frisky & Mannish at Underbelly, 7.35pm. My Fringe favourites, I need to go every year...just hysterically funny, pop satire.
Symphony at Assembly, 5pm. A rick band, meets stand up and a play with songs. Just a good afternoon show, funny and some of the songs pack a punch.

Phew! What a good first week...bring on the rest! Have you seen anything good at the Fringe this year? Planning on coming up to Edinburgh?