Wednesday, 26 November 2014

#196. Got to love a good Christmas jumper! 2014 edition

Clockwise from top left: M&S fluffy robin jumper; Asos Trainee elf jumperWarehouse sequin robin jumper; Sainsburys fluffy christmas pudding jumperSainsburys christmas dog jumperNext happy holidays jumper; Next iceskating penguin; New Look Jingle all the Way jumperWarehouse pink reindeer jumper; Next red reindeer jumperUrban Outfitters penguin print jumperM&S Robin embroidered jumperNew Look Let it Snow jumperH&M Reindeer jumperNew Look grey penguin jumper; Next green reindeers jumperTopshop Seaons Greetings jumperNew Look Christmas pudding Jumper; M&S Christmas stocking jumperPenguin jumper with glassesLet it Snow slouch jumper; Asos fair isle jumper.

It's almost Christmas jumper time! Have you found yours yet? I really do love Christmas jumpers, from Mark Darcy's reindeer in Bridget Jones to my little cousins that makes him look like an elf (super cute!). I think they are a lot of fun and make me feel so happy and festive. It doesn't feel properly like Christmas anymore without one. So having been spotting them everywhere, I thought I would give my top Christmas jumper rundown...There are some right crackers!

There are a great mix of animal motifs, particularly reindeer, robins and penguins and some lovely bright colours. Next, Marks and Spencers and New Look (the miniature Christmas pudding one, hello!) have a great selection of jumpers this year, so be sure to check them out. Primark also have a great selection, but I am finding that I don't like their jumpers as much as I have in previous years, they are just quite samey. They do have a good selection again though and also fun choices of shirts, jammies and their famous onesies too. 

My absolute favourite Christmas jumper this year though comes from Sainsburys. Robin and I had went in for some dinner and I happened to walk past the clothes and seen this beautiful jumper with a french bull dog wearing a santa hat pattern and it had to be mine! It's really soft, great colours and I love the patterned sleeves, not to mention that it's just so darned cute!

Which jumper is your favourite? I hope my post has given you some ideas! Remember Christmas jumper day for Save the Children in Friday 12th December!

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

#195. Wedding Belles - Part 2. Food & drink

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Trust me to start the second part of my Wedding Belles series on food. Then again, if you know me well, it won't come as much of a surprise. Teehee, little piggy in the corner.

Robin and I both love food, enjoy trying new foods and have our firm favourites, so it is an important part of the day for us. We want people to be happy and enjoy what they are eating. But, how do you decide what to do...there is just so much choice and the possibilities are endless (within the constrains of the venue of course). Recently with the surge in street food and outside wedding catering, my eyes have been opened to the type and range of food you can serve guests. Although we are still having a more formal sit down meal, there is so much we can still do.

Image from Pinterest

I have been browsing pinterest and googling a lot trying to gather some ideas and have been thinking of ways to incorporate Robin and I's favourite foods into the menu. We have canapes, a starter, a main meal and a desert and then wedding cake, so I'm sure we can make a good stab at it.

I love the idea of mini meals as canapes, like the mini burgers above (so cute and who doesn't LOVE a burger), fish and chips and yorkshire puddings with beef. I have been lucky enough to have been invited along to some events with delicious canapes and the best ones have always been mini versions of foods I love. I think this will be a good way to incorporate some of Robin's and I's favourites into the day. We just need to make sure there are enough of them for all the hungry horaces that we know!

Image from Pinterest. Link

Main meal
Instead of round tables, we are having long banqueting style tables, in some ways for guest numbers but also because we think it's very sociable. You are able to chat to a lot more people than you would otherwise and means everyone feels altogether, in a little happy wedding bubble. I also have some wonderful plans for the table decorations! I really like the idea of guests being able to share food, after all, we will be part of the same family and there is also something very European and inclusive about it...Greek mezze platters, Spanish tapas etc. Robin and I both love this type of food, so all fits in well. Another option would be to have a leg of beef or another meat per table and appoint a carver (with chefs hat and apron no less!) to serve everyone. We were at a wedding a few weeks ago where this happened and it worked brilliantly. Not only was the food delicious but it got everyone around the table talking and laughing, even when we didn't know each other and was a great ice breaker for later on in the evening.

Images from Pinterest. Link 1. Link 2.

There is so much you can do with deserts, from trios to desert tables, cheese boards, to something a bit different. Even though I'm not American, I love the idea of smores from the picture above, or even toasted marshmallows as it brings back happy memories of being a kid and camping. I know it's not very in keeping with the time of year, as bonfires and marshmallows are more of an autumnal thing, but still, it's our wedding right? I also always get food envy, so having a trio of deserts mean that fellow sufferers will be happy, as they get to try a bit of everything. Robin is a big cheese man and will have that sometimes instead of a sweet (who am I marrying again?), so there will need to be a cheese option in there somewhere (thankfully I managed to talk him out of a cake of cheese! My worst nightmare!). As we have our wedding cake to eat as well, a whole desert table might be a bit much, but we can always have sweet elements with the buffet later on in the evening.

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As is traditional for a Scottish wedding, we will be having some food later on, to help with the drunken munchies! We both like the idea of sausage and bacon rolls, as they are yum and perfect later on at night after some dancing. We have also been thinking though of mixing this up a bit and incorporating what we like to have after a night, pies, garlic bread or stirfry (with cheese!).

Image from Pinterest. Link

Now this is obviously a biggie, as we want to keep our guests happy. There are so many ideas bounding around the internet, from lemonades to signature cocktails, to champagne and beer as a welcome drink. There is bound to be something for everyone. I do love a wee glass of fizz when you arrive at a wedding, makes it extra special. A few weeks ago at the Glasgow Wedding Collective press event we were served Apple and Gin Collins, which I think are my new favourites, refreshingly sweet and tasty so I wouldn't be surprised if they ended up being on the menu!

One of my best pals and bridesmaid is making our cake as a wedding gift, which is so generous and amazing of her. We want something quite simple to look at but are thinking of experimenting with flavours instead. Again, the options are limitless.

There is so much to think about food wise for our wedding, that we better get our thinking caps on! We are hopefully meeting up with the caterers soon and get some plans in place.

Would food would be important to you at your wedding?