Monday, 28 July 2014

#171. 100 Happy Days Week 13

Man! It's been ages since I updated on my 100 Happy days, even though I finished it over 3 months ago now. Oooops, doesn't time fly. But I kinda want to finish the series on the blog, seeing as I started it and really enjoyed doing it. So here we go, week 13, nice and chilled!

Monday - Day 85
A bit of a slow chilled start to week 13 as I was off work not feeling great, but I do love these little chocolate yogurts that Robin bought me to make me feel better. What a keeper.

Tuesday - Day 86
I took a bath with a new lush bath bomb and had some chilled me time. Perfect.

Wednesday - Day 87
I came into work to find that my work friend Ewan had added a little something to Robin and I's picture, which made me laugh a lot. I think he suits a tash! When I got home, Robin had surprised me with Frozen and some ice cream, probably as I was going on about it so much. Such a great movie, funny with amazing songs. I love it!

Thursday - Day 88
I bought Grazia for a wee bedtime read which was a treat. I used to buy it all the time but stopped after finding that all the clothes featured were beautiful, but I could never have afforded any of them. So I bought it for some window shopping - puuurty!

Friday - Day 89
After a long working day, coming back to this face always makes me happy. A nice chilled Friday evening.

Saturday - Day 90
We went to Glasgow for my Dad's birthday and I wore my new favourite combo of my patterned scuba trousers and ruby ruby slippers. We went for a bit of lunch, watched the Grand National and had a few drinks - all of us were definitely quite tipsy on the journey home.

Sunday - Day 91
Our wee home is really starting to come together and we spend Sunday doing some DIY and getting our favorite pictures on the wall. We picked up these old posters in Memphis when we were on holiday in the States last year - I really want to go back to Memphis!

Only 1 more week to go!

Saturday, 26 July 2014

#170. A visit to Craigmillar Castle

A few weeks ago, Robin and I took a little roadtrip to Craigmiller Castle on the southeast side of Edinburgh on a bank holiday weekend. I really do love castles and history, so was really excited to find out more about the castle, especially as we have lived in Edinburgh for almost 5 years now and we hadn't heard of it. The castle is managed by Historic Scotland and is quite an imposing sight, once you get through the houses and into the castle grounds proper. It is funny that such a well preserved castle is right in the middle of a bunch of houses, especially as it used to be a rural retreat, so you can see how the city had grown.

The castle itself is really big with lots of different areas to explore, rooms and stairs to climb. It is very well preserved so you can really get a good idea of what it used to be like for people living and working here. You get to walk up to the main front door to the castle and into a large courtyard, with two large very old trees framing the doorway and stone coats of arms on the walls. I had a really childlike impulse to climb the trees, but sadly I was too wee to get up one one! Such a big kid at heart but both of them were great climbing trees and I'm sure many people have done in the past.

There were big signs on the walls in the different rooms, explaining what each used to be used for and any special features, like large fireplaces in the kitchens for cooking, a really ancient toilet that was special as it was ensuite to a bedroom where apparently Mary Queen of Scots stayed and a little dungeon which I would not have liked to be locked in!

There are also stunning views from the battlements across Edinburgh and we were lucky enough to have a beautiful day to admire them, right across to Arthur's Seat. From the top of the castle you can also see the full extent of the grounds of the castle and the large fish pond that is shaped like a letter P, which is a bit different.

After a few hours exploring the castle inside, we went for a walk around the grounds in the sunshine and had great fun trying to do cartwheels and handstands on the grass. We were the only people in the gardens, so had full run of the castle grounds. I was always rubbish at cartwheels at school and always landed on my bum, but I am pleased to say after 27 years I have managed to do them so I land on my feet. I still have bent legs but I'm not as embarrassed anymore than my gymnastic abilities stretch to a roly poly! I managed to do a few handstands as well, but its scarier when you are taller and have farther to fall, I used to be a lot more fearless. I miss that kid like feeling where you don't overthink and just do things without thinking of the consequences. It was fun acting the big kid again, but I was totally doing it on my own - Robin just stood and laughed at me. He has never done a cartwheel and decided that he didn't want to try. fair enough, he is taller than me and has even further to fall.

Craigmiller Castle was such a fun little afternoon away from the city, without being in the city. It is a beautiful place to go and visit on a sunny day and would be so atmospheric in the great Scottish rain too. As it has so many nooks and cranny's it would be the perfect place to go with kids as well for a little bit of history and would be fun for them to explore.

Have you been to Craigmiller Castle before?